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Our ecological pledge

One planet, our future!

Eco-friendly hotel - sustainable development

Since the opening of our hotel, we have taken a vow to be more evironmentally conscious. Not just for us, but for you and our future generations. We have taken steps to minimise carbon footprint in our hotel and try our very best to help with protecting the environment and nature. For this reason, Hotel d’Aragon is an Eco-friendly hotel – sustainable development committed to the future!

In addition, we only use products that are safe for the planet without compromising your satisfaction . While priortising cleanliness and your comfort, we always keep our planet and the environment in mind, and we reduce wastage, recycle or reuse materials on a daily basis whilst trying to encourage and educate our guests to do so as well.

As we exclusively use products that are environmentally friendly or has low impact on our environment, we have ensured that this has been instilled as an intergral part of our establishment. Our shower gels and shampoos in pump bottles, not only reduces plastic waste, but is also made from high quality organic ingredients such as mint infused water and cotton extracts, which has been certified Ecocert, one of the most renowed labels for environment friendly products. Therefore, as our guests, you are also actively taking part in our commitment to protect our planet.

The Green Key label since 2008

We are proud to be Green Key certified. It is an organization that inspects establishments for their efforts to help make the earth a better place. You too can participate in our efforts to help improve this planet for our next generation. This is why we recycle almost all of our trash and we have even placed 2 trash bins in each room, one for ordinary garbage and the other for recyclable trash. Please do take the time to put the garbage in their respective bins.

In addition, we encourage you to reuse the towels and only request them to be changed if necessary. As mentioned earlier, our shampoos and body washes are in pump bottles. This way,  we reduce waste by avoiding miniature bottles of shampoo and body wash. Finally, we would also like to encourage you to take showers rather than baths in order to consume less water.

Furthermore, the air-conditioning turns off automatically at 11:00 a.m. In order to further our efforts in saving energy, the air-conditioning is set to 24 degrees Celsius in summer and 19 degrees Celsius in winter. You can do the same in your room individually. You can help us further by ensuring to turn off the air-conditioner when you leave your room.

Moreover, in our efforts to save energy and consume less energy, we use LED lights in our hotel.  You too can help us save more energy by making sure the lights are turned off when you leave your room. In addition, we ensure that 100% of our annual electricity consumption comes from renewable energy sources, without direct CO2 emissions. Finally, our cleaning products are from ECOVER which are environmentally friendly.

Our commitment to sustainable development

Information and awareness of an ecological hotel - sustainable development

Saving energy

The temperature of our rooms are set automatically at 19 degrees celcius in winter and 24 degrees celsius in summer. The air-conditioning also switches off automatically when the windows are open in the room. We also keep the air-conditioning switched off at all times unless turned on manually.

All these steps are taken by us to help reduce energy consumption and wastage.

Saving Water

Management of Garbage

Reasoanble consumption

We use only recycled paper for printing and prefer products that are eco-friendly.

The cleaning products used in our rooms are Eco-friendly and more often plant based. The toilet paper and tissue are also made from recycled paper only.

For breakfast, we offer only organic or/and local products that are of high quality.

Our team are at your disposal if you would like to speak with us regarding our commitment to the planet and our ecological approach.

The Hotel d’Aragon, Eco-friendly hotel – sustainable development